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The Facility

State of the art facility, with new and traditional process coming soon.

Our state of the art facility and world class stills ensures every drop of our spirits are pure and full of rich, complex flavor.

Traditional process

Storage Warehouses

Finish products, raw materials, aging barrels etc. All licenses for Alc.

Vol. Storage

Warehouses with 12 mts of free height.

6,500 m2

Bottling facility

Current Capacity

1,500 – 2,000 Cases 9 Lts. per shift (8 hours)


New full automatic bottling line with the capability to use T-tops, screw caps, capsules, among others.

Full turn-key bottle filling lines. We have experienced engineers ready to help you customize your new bottle filling line.

– Automatic Uncasing or Depalletizing

– Automatic Filling and Capping

– Automatic Labeling

– Automatic Soft Case Packing

– Automatic Case Sealing

New bottling line capacity

8,000 cases 9 lts per shift (8 hours)

Available capacity

6,500 m2

Total storage capacity

38,000 m2