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From Agave to Glass

Your Partner In The Spirits Industry

Spirits Lux

“Sip the Spirit of Agave Tradition From Barrel to Bottle

Agave Artistry”

Who are we?

Introducing SpiritsLux. We Provide

a company uniquely positioned in the dynamic world of spirits production

We are an innovative and forward-thinking enterprise that specializes in the production of Tailored spirits (tequila, mezcal). Founded on the principle of delivering uncompromising quality, our company is poised to change the landscape of the alcohol industry.


About us

At SpiritsLux

Our mission is to marry traditional tequila-making techniques with modern innovations

all to create a product that genuinely represents our client's vision.

We value authenticity and handcraft every bottle with respect for the heritage and craft of tequila production. Our production facilities, nestled in the heart of Jalisco, Mexico, utilize the best agave plants, perfecting every step of the process from field to bottle.

Meet Our Facility

Our state of the art facility and world class stills ensures every drop of our spirits are pure and full of rich, complex flavor.


We pride ourselves on our ability to produce tequila that not only reflects our clients' unique specifications but also meets

the highest standards of quality and taste.

Our expertise extends beyond production, ensuring each bottle we create communicates our clients’ brand story with every sip.

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Let us craft a tequila that's as unique as your brand. Let's create something extraordinary together.